Maximillian Converse Wood Bender
Senior at Connecticut College

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Please note that this website is still under construction. Eventually, it will host projects and other things of interest. I'm currently a senior at Connecticut College majoring in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Classical Languages. I've done research in both Mathematics and Computer Science and am currently working on a Latin to English translator - for more information on these projects, please look under the Papers and Projects tab above.
Along with general classes, I'm currently working on two honors theses. The first is in mathematics, where I intend to study large cardinals within set theory. The second is for computer science, where I am studying the minimum online matching problem on the line with my advisor Christine Chung.
My main interests in research are logic, functional analysis, and algorithmic analysis and complexity theory. Anyone with questions pertaining to anything on this site or interest in contacting me are welcome to use any of the methods available in the information section.